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Primetime; unique Swedish distributor of training smoke!

To the left Per Ekblad, Owner and MD at Primetime and to the right Michael Pedersen, Sales Manager at SmokeCloak
Trainer closes a long term partner on the Swedish market for training smoke, Primetime won the award for ’Best Trainer™ Distributor 2009’.
The Swedes has in every way a good hold on the market for smoke and fog. The same fog used for fog security is also used for education and training firemen, create realistic training exercise on public spaces, shipping, aviation and a lot more.

Per Ekblad owner and MD in Primetime, started back in 1983 with selling smoke for entertainment, film industry and theaters. Currently he expanded the market in SE to fire-departments, the local authorities, industries, the army, the air-force and the offshore industry. Together with a high quality product and good service, the customers increased each year. Today Primetime has the majority on the market for the sale of Trainer in SE.

The customers through out the years have tested the Trainer machines and choose the product and the fluid to be the absolute best on the market. Together with the solid and strong business Per has created during the years and his engagement for expanding the Trainer market, he received the award for ’Best Trainer™ Distributor 2009’.