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SmokeCloak with SigNature DNA

In March 2013 MSS PROFESSIONAL A/S, the owner and manufacturer of the SmokeCloak fog security range, launched the one and only DNA fog fluid, which can be used with the VALI and IPX ranges. This is the result of a long collaboration with the leader in DNA tagging: ADNAS (Applied DNA Sciences,

Applied DNA Sciences delivers counterfeit protection, brand authentication, combats product diversion and offers its award-winning programs against cash-in-transit crimes, all using the proven forensic power of DNA. With uncopyable taggants, high-resolution DNA authentication, and comprehensive reporting, their botanical DNA based technologies deliver the greatest levels of security, deterrence and legal recourse.

Why, you may ask, do we need DNA in our fog? Many Risk / Security managers and police have a requirement to be able to identify the perpetrators once they are caught, enabling criminals to be linked forensically to the crime scene. Fog can dissuade, and smartDNA can both identify and convict, so the natural evolution was to combine the two leaders in their respective fields.

As you can imagine, not all applications will require such a high level of sophistication, but to know that you can be forensically identified with DNA in our fog will be a powerful deterrent to any criminal. We will also provide a high level of support in the initial stages to ensure, that customers are fully informed and trained, ensuring best results from this new high security product.

For any large projects please do contact us directly, so that we may ensure, that adequate support is provided. MSS and Tony Benson from ADNAS will team up on the projects to support you.

We have already had many customers, who have found this new solution to be relevant to their businesses.

You'll find more information about this new product here:

Any questions may be directed to:

Sales director, John Simonsen or mobile +45 4174 6050

CEO / owner, Nick Bigler or mobile +45 4040 0309